The ITSCAM line consists of equipment that is a digital image capture device and mostly intended for a traffic monitoring context. We have a product that is much more than just an IP digital camera, because ITSCAM is suitable for registering vehicles or objects at high speed and with various options for requesting images - besides having the internet network as the main means of communication.

The image capture is of high quality and this makes it possible to identify license plates and codes which are in: containers, locomotive wagons and also in aircraft. It has trigger system triggered by physical or virtual trigger, as well as synchronization for flash triggering, with full control of light intensity.

OCR processing can be either embedded or external to ITSCAM.

Main features

  • Vehicle registration-specific image capture and processing device
  • Perfect for low and high speed image capture
  • Ideal for use in urban, road and access control environments
  • Allows digital signature of all images
  • Baixo consumption of energy
  • PoE powered IP communication
  • Open protocol for configuration and communication
  • Software image registration or physical sensors with perfect synchronization
  • Brazilian technology
  • Models that allow embedded OCR. Ready for Mercosur
  • Hardware synchronization with flashes
  • Multiple catches
  • High license plate reading index
  • Global Shutter technology for high quality drag-free images
  • Reflective Plate Reading, Non-Reflective, Red, Red-Non-Reflective, Mercosur Pattern
  • Physical and virtual motion detection trigger
  • Setting Regions of Interest
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