virtual loop solution for traffic analysys

VIGIA-VL is a system to be integrated in semaphore controllers and aims to monitor and analyze traffic by video. It manages adaptively, adjusting the timings according to the flow in each lane, providing occupancy rate per lane, predicting queues and their size.

Main features

  • Non-intrusive detection and counting system
  • Allows real-time monitoring of health
  • Communication between cameras and Controller Kit VIGIA-VLIO is made by RS-485 interface
  • Reporting and data storage for easy business conferencing
  • Fault indication on each track centrally in the module VIGIA-VLIO
  • 640x480 pixels of resolution with a high quality image
  • Track up to 4 lanes per camera
  • Monitoring up to 16 lanes per controller
  • Compatible with major semaphore controllers
  • Web configuration interface
  • No software installation required for setup
  • High quality color panoramic image
Watchman VL
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