image capture and processing in one all-in-one solution

In addition to being equipped with motorized lens, they have integrated white or infrared lighting system. The whole set is housed in a protective housing injected with high strength polycarbonate, and can be exposed to sun and rain, with the warranty certified by IP67 classification.

It is an all-in-one product line, ideal for use in shopping malls, companies, condominiums, ports, weighing units, toll plazas, among others. Like the ITSCAM line, it can perform embedded OCR processing.

Main features

  • Motorized lens
  • Easy zoom and focus adjustment that can be performed remotely
  • Integrated flash
  • Spherical joint for positioning adjustment
  • PoE powered IP communication
  • Open protocol for configuration and communication
  • Firing by software or physical sensors
  • May be weathered without additional protection (IP67)
  • Ideal for use in parking lots, condominiums and tolls
  • Brazilian technology product
  • High capture rate
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