library for classification of vehicles

Image vehicle classifier that identifies the type of car as: motorcycle, car, bus, or truck. The rating is based on its characteristics and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning methods to ensure the best rating rating for your application.

Main features

  • It allows to classify multiple vehicles in the same image;
  • Classification into the following categories: motorcycle, car, bus or truck
  • Accuracy indices above 80%
  • Ideal for use with 640x480 or higher resolution images
  • For each vehicle in the image returns the vehicle category, its location in the image and the reliability of the rating;
  • Can be used with both vehicle front and rear images;
  • Sorts night, day, closed, or panoramic images

Technical specifications

Compatible with:

  • Linux operating system on x86, x86_64, and ARM A53 platforms
  • Java and Python Languages
  • Images in jpg, bmp and png formats
  • Color and grayscale images
  • C language API
  • Easy integration with any programming environment
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