A Pumatronix is a Brazilian company that develops solutions monitoring system and manufactures vehicular reading cameras Smart.

It is a pioneer in the production of imaging equipment and automatic reading of license plate characters.

Their extensive knowledge ensures performance and quality results. In addition, commitment to research adds constant technological evolution to products and enhances innovation in equipment and accessories.

A Pumatronix operates in the development of research associated with new technologies that can add to their solutions and in the expansion of business.

development of research associated with new technologies
Part of this work concerns the adherence of renowned professionals to its Advisory Board, such as Marcelo Coppla, managing partner of Cypress Sul, and Fernando Soares Mitri, former Chairman of the Board of Positivo Informática.
With the opening for participation in its Advisory Board, the Pumatronix It takes another expansive step at the national and international levels, mainly by increasing the company's valuation in the innovation and technology market.

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A Pumatronix is a reference in the manufacture and development of high technology products for Smart Cities.

  1. High character recognition assertiveness index
  2. Research, Development and Innovation
  3. Products with great technological evolution
  4. High quality images day and night
  5. Vehicle recognition efficiency
  6. Improved vehicle flow
  7. Own manufacture in Brazil
  8. Technical Support and Training
  9. Certified by INMETRO

Solve real-world problems by providing highly accurate vehicle detection / identification solutions and managing this information effectively and reliably.


Being a company that generates value through continuous technological innovation, ensuring operational and management excellence.


Customer Focus
Entrepreneurship and Boldness
Valuing People

Partnership BNDES and FINAME, for installment sales on cards
Partnership BNDES and FINAME, for installment sales on cards
Brazilian Technology
Brazilian Industry and Own Technology

ISO 9001 Certification
Quality with ISO 9001 Certification

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Official supporters of Little Prince Hospital

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