Vehicle Speed Control

Vehicle Flow Speed Control

Companies in the supervisory segment are committed to assertiveness, as a small mistake can represent a real disorder. Therefore, they demand equipment that register vehicles with high quality and precision, whether in day or night environments, as well as software that reads plates with dynamism and distinction. Together they will ensure the efficiency required for the processing of assessments and the safety of passers-by.

A Pumatronix It has innovative and non-intrusive technologies that facilitate and cheapen the implementation of surveillance systems.

Efficiency, quality and the most cost-effective for companies in the segment.

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Surveillance in port, customs and rail areas.
Modalities of
Mobility and Urban Transport
Monitoring and Security
Monitoring and Security
Monitoring at highway concessionaires
Toll Road Operators
Control in and out of vehicles
Parking and Access
Vehicle Flow Speed Control
Vehicle Speed Control

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