system control and management vehicle access

O Vigia+ is an innovative system that enables vehicle access control and management based on automatic license plate reading.

The image capture device system, hardware, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and management software streamline parking turnover, bringing more security to your administrators.

With cutting-edge technology, the Vigia+ Identifies the vehicle and releases gates and gates, providing security and agility in the management of condominiums, clubs, parking lots, companies, shopping malls, ports and airports, stadiums, hotels, bus terminals.

Main features

  • Vehicle access control via registration locally or by mobile application;
  • Contextual photos to characterize the general state of the vehicle at each pass through the monitored points;
  • Control of number of vacancies by users or unit;
  • Length of stay of each vehicle;
  • Average length of stay;
  • Accurate recording of vehicle entry and exit times in monitored environments;
  • System user management with different access levels;
  • Register of monitored vehicles.
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