Freeflow solution for automatic identification of license plates

Anticipating their monitoring, in places where the processing infrastructure chosen is the shipped one, we created ITSCAM FF.

This equipment can be used for traffic control, safety and mobility, monitoring vehicles at low and high speed and in high traffic environments.

ITSCAM FF has several models to suit the installation environment. The housing may have heated glass and / or internal heating mechanism. These models are suitable for places with low temperatures. In contrast, in places with higher temperatures, ITSCAM FF with double flap and / or forced ventilation can be installed.

Main features

  • Image adjustment through motorized lens
  • No physical sensors required
  • Automatic Plate Reading (OCR / LPR)
  • Integration with other systems via WebService REST
  • Configuration via web interface
  • HDR technology PUMATRONIX (registration of license plate and vehicle characteristics in a single image)
  • Intelligent activation of ITSLUX flash according to ambient light
  • Baixo consumption of energy
  • Low and high speed vehicle registration
  • Compatible with ITSCAMPRO traffic management system
  • High reliability with use of industrial hardware
  • LAP / OCR with multiple country support
  • Has power and surge protector
  • Integrated power supply
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