The feeling of being safe wherever you go, with urban centers developing and your highways already connected. The scenario shows us that the experiences of smart city dwellers will be more complete and safer.

A Pumatronix It is here to provide real and safe experiences using technology as an ally.

High technology vehicle identification in Curitiba

Know our performances

Surveillance in port, customs and rail areas.

Transport Modes

Surveillance in port, customs and rail areas.

Monitoring at highway concessionaires

Toll Road Operators

Road administrators at state and national level.

Vehicle Flow Speed Control

Speed Control

Organs that act in the Speed Control of the flow of vehicles for their registration and identification.

Mobility and Urban Transport

Urban mobility

For the sake of improved flow and overall traffic performance.

Control in and out of vehicles

Parking and Access

Spaces that require control of vehicle entry and exit.

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security

Commitment to public and private security.

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