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Products applied in real use situations, with some guidelines and specifications for the solution to work and bring the desired results.

Traffic Analysis and Classifier by Image Analysis

There are some technologies available to make the flow analysis in traffic ugly. Among the most popular, the inductive loop, is increasingly being replaced by more intelligent systems, such as image analysis, which can provide various other information.

Moving Plate Reading

With the constant growth of the vehicle fleet in the country, it is increasingly necessary to use solutions that will increase efficiency in the Speed Control process.

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Automatic Plate Reading
- FreeFlow -

Easy to install, low maintenance cost and efficient to register all types of vehicles, the FreeFlow solution is ideal for monitoring highways and cities.

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Motorized Lens Image Capture

A technology is only effective if applied in the right scenario. This is the case for cameras specifically developed for recording images of vehicles, whether at high or low speed and in any weather conditions.

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