Technology to ensure the security and quality of the flow of vehicles.

A Pumatronix is a Brazilian company that develops products and solutions for the intelligent monitoring of vehicle traffic.

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Our products

The products and solutions offered by Pumatronix are based
technologies for smart roads and cities.

The products and solutions offered by Pumatronix based on smart road and city technologies
Image Capture and Processing

Image Capture and Processing

Image Detection, Registration and Processing to generate data and convert to information.



Systems and algorithms developed with AI and ML to guarantee effective results.

speed-in-multi-band medication

Speed Control

Doppler technology for multi-range speed measurement.


Flash Lights

Accurate shots that are synchronized with the time of photo recording. Brightly lit cities, highways, ports and parking lots.



Seamless integration between software and hardware bringing more efficiency to your operation.

monitoring icon

Video monitoring

A complete line of state-of-the-art cameras and analytics for your security and video monitoring project.

Discover our video monitoring line, UNITRONIX

PTZ Speed ​​Dome

Complement your OCR / LPR design for automatic license plate reading with video surveillance cameras with advanced Zoom, IR and many more features


Ideal features and specifications for video surveillance of perimeters, with panoramic views of streets, roads, tolls and any other place that requires high quality video records.

High tech in vehicle identification

High technology vehicle identification in Curitiba
Surveillance in port, customs and rail areas.

Transport Modes

Surveillance in port, customs and rail areas.

Monitoring at highway concessionaires

Toll Road Operators

Road administrators at state and national level.

Vehicle Flow Speed Control

Speed Control

Organs that act in the Speed Control of the flow of vehicles for their registration and identification.

Mobility and Urban Transport

Urban mobility

For the sake of improved flow and overall traffic performance.

Control in and out of vehicles

Parking and Access

Spaces that require control of vehicle entry and exit.

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security

Commitment to public and private security.

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